Address: 650 S. Orcas Street, Suite 214 Seattle, Washington 98108

Office Phone: (206)708-6098, Fax: (206)708-7986 Email:


BZ Port Trucking is located about 2 miles from the Port of Seattle shipping terminals and rail yards, in Seattle WA. We are dedicated to trucking the shipping needs of various shippers who mainly export containerized cargo through the Port of Seattle and the Port of Tacoma.

BZ Port Trucking LLC is committed to providing shipping customers with superior service quality and affordability since 2011. Our experience, reliability, flexibility and having a positively can-do attitude to any challenging task makes us a standout among the local drayage market.

Additionally, having some of our experienced owners who daily operate trucks along side their company drivers hold up high the overall quality of operational safety and efficiency for our customers. Despite the size of our business and the daily challenges of the local trucking industry, our customers consistently rely on the amazing value we create for them relentlessly.